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Meisha Lowe



Meisha Lowe grew up in a small hippie town in rural Queensland, Australia. Her childhood was spent entwined in nature, playing in the Australian bush and the dirt, swimming in the creeks and dams, and using her imagination to dream of her future yet to come.  She was always performing, whether that be for her family, animals or most of the time for herself. 

 She was always involved in the Drama class at school and when she was 19 she began her professional acting training.  At 21 she moved to Sydney to expand her career where she spent a year working full-time for a theatre company. She then moved to Vancouver, Canada "Hollywood North" to try her luck.

It was here she booked her first North American role in an independent feature film called Eadweard. After three years she won the green card lottery and then moved to Los Angeles, California where she now permanently resides. 

Nature is exceptionally important to Meisha and she still tries to embrace life with the magic she felt as a child.

I  M  A  G  I N  A  T  I  O  N

On Set -  Little Bird

On Set - Little Bird


Where she's going


“Beauty is truth, truth beauty, —
that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know”
-John Keats


Meisha's heart lies with independent film and authentic stories of the human condition. She is inspired by three dimensional female roles which explore the heart and soul of what it is like to be a woman in this ever changing world.  Meisha's film credits include Underbelly: Infiltration, The Killage, Eadweard and most recently an LA indie-film called Uses: Friendship.





Who She Is Alone
Directed by Meisha Lowe

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